"Battle Cry Of The Unjustly Accused "

September 13, 2017
By Yocelyn1 BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
Yocelyn1 BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
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The article "Batle cry of the unjustly accused" by Celine caught my attention because it talks about how there are no words to justify acts of injustice, Celine points out that in her article that some girl went to go pick up her boyfriend from football pratice, which her parents thought she was at theatre practice.Next thing you know she get's pulled over by the police and turns out that she didn't commit any crime,"but I do not believe that we should allow unlimited power over the citizens they are meant to serve" many people can relate to this article because many people have gone throught this as well,people make mistakes or sometimes they get accused for things they didn't even do. I agree with Celine because not everyone has a baad side to them and some are actually innocent, Thank you Celine for making people realize that people not everyone is perfect and that people do make mistakes in life that they regret and they can learn from there mistakes.

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