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September 13, 2017
By BekahA6 BRONZE, Nunya Business, Arizona
BekahA6 BRONZE, Nunya Business, Arizona
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I found Kiva Call-Feit's poem "Theater" very relatable because that is exactly how I feel when I am in a play or in my theatre class. When she said "I can't contain my smile [...] somehow they feel just right somehow they feel like home", I couldn't help but smile along because theatre is like a second home, and it is my calling. In theatre you get to become someone else, and you get to live their lives and take a break from your own. The people in my theatre class are all very different, and sometimes we argue, but in the end, we are like a family tied together by the love of theatre. Although I like how I can become another person, i can't help but take off my makeup and appreciate the star of my own story... me. I would like to thank you, Kiva, for reminding me that I can love myself and that theatre will always be a big part of my life. Thank you. 

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