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Feedback On Jurassic World

September 24, 2015
By PotatoKing SILVER, NYC, New York
PotatoKing SILVER, NYC, New York
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        I am giving feedback on the review on Jurassic World by Annie Lu. She states that it is a highly anticipated film, ranging from the child riding a baby triceratops to feeding a brachiosaurus. Also there is the "hunky" dinosaur whisperer Owen or you can watch the 15-ton mosasaurus gulp up a big white. However she states that in the film, the Jurassic series has lost it's magical touch. She says that the viewer can no longer marvel at the dinosaurs and she says how obvious it is that the Indominous escapes and starts to ruin everything.

      However when the Brachiosaurus doesn't rise on it's two back legs, it isn't anything to cry about. All of the animation was stop motioned so when making the Brachiosaurus rise on it's two feet is a waste of time and effort. Also considering the dinosaur's enormous size, it probably couldn't do that anyway. Later when she states that how Owen barely escapes death everytime he encounter's the Indominous, he is a main character and it is known that the main character never dies unless it's a horror movie. Also when Claire changes herself to save her nephews, they thanked her and also since they were only just leaving the island at the end of the movie, her sister couldn't thank her yet for Claire hadn't seen her yet. I overall think that Jurassic World was a great movie, the tension from the Indominous and the graphics were amazing so I believe not every dinosaur needs big teeth. 

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