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A Story of Procrastination MAG

December 10, 2008
By HiddenJulie GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
HiddenJulie GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Everyone longs to come across an article that speaks to them and tells their story. During my monthly reading of Teen Ink, I discovered “A Story of Procrastination.” The author may be unknown, but his/her idea is a shared feeling of all students at one time or another. I procrastinate, but it’s a habit I hope to break. I know the squeeze of time the author talks about, as the clock counts down the minutes until the untimely demise. I can relate to the idea of my friends as “caterpillars that eat my words,” the “butterflies” they become, and the “vomit of worthless ideas” they induce.

The author truly inspires me to write but makes me feel ashamed of being a procrastinator. I wish to acknowledge the creator, but alas, this person does not wish to be connected to the art of words he/she gave birth to. We are all procrastinators but some of us hide our shame instead of showing it and curing the habit. I hope to read more of your work, Anonymous, but no writer should feel the need to hide his/her work, even if it’s about procrastination. Let me see your name with your next piece.

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