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November 21, 2008
By HiddenJulie GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
HiddenJulie GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Dana K.'s poem "The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth," brings mixed feelings to my heart. I am called a geek, a nerd, and an outcast and I have felt the shame of being picked on and seen as strange. The beginning of Dana's poem evokes my personal feelings of sorrow from being bullied but the title gave me hope for the end of the poem. I know she is right, we "geeks" shall inherit the earth because we are far from average and express our individualism more then others making us stand out in a crowd. Our unique minds can find more worth in having a job and a future career, at least in my perspective. Then I read the end of the poem and I found myself offended, "the social status has flipped"? As an outcast I refuse to bully others and I tend to jumps to another's aid. I would never want to flip social status because I know that to be the most popular is to make others look bad and I will never stoop to such a level. Outcasts are more willing to give a helping hand to others then the "popular" crowd. Dana your idea was a hopeful one that ended up leaving a foul taste in my mouth. I ask you if you write again think about the words you are saying and how they can reflect another idea then the one you wish to embrace.

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