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"Heart of a Champion"

October 21, 2008
By Alexis Mendiola BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Alexis Mendiola BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I truly enjoyed Ashley McCall's "Heart of a Champion." I believe this article has a few lessons we can all learn from it, like being unselfish or givin it your best. Everyone, at one time or another, has a time to shine. Ever since I was a kid I've played basketball, and most of my coaches said the same thing. Leave your heart on the court. And that's exactly what our team did. No matter what the outcome was, we would always give it our best. We also learn to be unselfish, even when we wanted a game winning shot. By doing this be became a team, a family. And like the article, we became champions. Thank you Ashley for such a great article. It reminded me of what a great team really is.

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