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October 12, 2007
By Anonymous

Dear Editor,

It’s 2:55 p.m., a hungry middle-schooler just finished packing their backpack, and you’re extremely hungry. They walk up to the vending machine for their favorite chocolate bar that they’ve yearned for all day. Sadly, all they see are no-name brands that rip-off of the food they know and love. Moping to the bus, they’re left disappointed and hungry. I believe that students should choose what items go in the vending machines in their schools.

Firstly, schools could earn much more money. More students would buy items out of the vending machines if they like the products. Customers who would walk by can see their favorite food enticing them to eat it, therefore, giving you money from students who never buy from the school. This money could be spent for athletic gear, improvements, and upgrades in technology.

Second of all, students would focus more in their daily work, resulting in better grades. For example, students that are full and satisfied are proven to have sharper senses such as hearing and seeing. Also, teachers can offer free trips to vending machines as a reward for good grades on tests or projects, determining students to work hard for the prize. Students who do well in school are happier.

Finally, students will become more cheerful at school. Attitudes will drop if the pupils have a filled stomach. To go into detail, some teens get cranky if they don’t eat for a while. In addition, they would feel they had more say in what the school does. This makes them feel proud and mature.
Schools earn a higher profit with the student selection of vending items. Grades would exceed because students are more focused in their work with full stomachs. Cheerful moods would be passed around to all the children. In review, if students were allowed to decide what items are put in the vending machines, the school would get more profit, while the students would be more joyous and focused.

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janelovely said...
on Sep. 11 2008 at 3:16 am
I totaly agree!! FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS. good job!