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"hey" feedback

October 18, 2012
By VickiLi2519 GOLD, New York, New York
VickiLi2519 GOLD, New York, New York
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Although every month’s issue is amazing, this October’s issue was a bit more eye-catching than usual, especially the article “hey” by Addi F. She is simply describing the twisting uncomfortable feeling of love and how it is, as the saying goes, a roller coaster. She tells us about her own experiences with a boy that she likes through texting on her phone. Although all he sends is a plain, “Hey”, her stomach leaps in her body and her heart does triple flips over and over again. She perfectly lets the reader experience how she was so disappointed when he replied with a “gtg” and how she was so enraged when she saw him with another girl. Her article tells the reader how much love can make you misinterpret things and how it can also make you think that things exist when they really don’t. In the end, after a single “hey”, she falls for him again. This topsy-turvy kind of state is what love actually is and what we all experience at least once.

I believe that Addi picks just the right adjectives and just the right moments to capture a picture of what a teenage girl in love looks like. She is excited over something that others would consider nothing special. She takes time but not too much to pick the perfect words to say and look good to the boy that she likes. She is careful so that he doesn’t think that she’s creepy but casual so that there is a slight hint that she likes him. She describes that plunging feeling that one would feel during love that tells one that he or she is jealous. I can completely relate with that and I couldn’t help but nod in agreement as I read it because it’s true. When in love, you do get a fluttering feeling, you do get nervous and scared, and you do feel that drop of disappointment. It’s all part of the wild ride of love but Addi condenses all of that into a few paragraphs. I think that is amazing and I wish Addi good luck. Hold on tight because love is really just one insane and long roller coaster.

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