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Review of "An Epidemic of Stupidity"

October 24, 2011
By ChelseaB SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
ChelseaB SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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In Sarah McCrea’s article “An Epidemic of Stupidity” in the October 2011 issue of Teen Ink, she gives her honest opinion of how society makes dimwitted females seem more appealing and attractive. Sarah gives many great examples of ditzy girls, such as Paris Hilton with her lack of common, everyday knowledge and the girls from Jersey Shore. These so-called role models promote mindless behavior as a way for younger girls to act in order to get a guy or be dominant over their own gender. This can lead to potentially treacherous acts such as eating disorders and low self-confidence, occurrences that are already dangerously too common and happening everywhere. She states if stupid people keep having children and teaching them when they are already uneducated, we as an entire nation will fall due to a dumb generation of people who are supposed to be our leaders. Concluding her article, she states, “If we are to have any hope for our future, we must stop this epidemic of stupidity.”

Sarah clearly speaks the truth. Teenagers are obsessed with mindless television shows that just show how dimwitted people can be. These so-called actors and celebrities may be dense in real life, but many are also acting that way more exemplified because they are being paid to do so. However, no matter the reason for their insanity, people find this behavior unacceptable yet greatly entertaining, even imitating and quoting them. Everyone has a role model, at least most people do, and to see adolescents these days admiring s****y girls and mindless imbeciles is startling and shocking. Every girl wants to be popular, skinny, pretty, blonde, bossy, etc., but no one wants to be a doctor, writer, woman’s rights activist, or engineer. Girls’ hopes for the future aren’t to go to college but to be on a reality show or movie, showcasing their acting talents. I know this has to change, for I am not a popular dim-witted girl, and I know how hard it is to compete with the admired females who seem to know more about everything, despite knowing nothing. No boy wants a smart girl when he can get a free girl who agrees with everything he wants and doesn’t think for herself. Because of this, I am shunned from most cliques and groups, making me think something is seriously wrong with me being smart. On the contrary, it is those girls who are the wrong ones, keeping their inner intelligence hidden in order to become the idol and dictator of others of their gender. For this, I sometimes wish I had that ability where I can be lovable and get anything I want, from a boy or popularity to anything. With all my heart, I believe the world must change before more girls who are perfect as they are feel different and in need of changing themselves to suit others.

The author's comments:
Things have to change.

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