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Response to the Article, Why Teen Sex Is Totally Fine.

August 28, 2011
By misswindsor BRONZE, Collingdale, Pennsylvania
misswindsor BRONZE, Collingdale, Pennsylvania
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When I first saw the article Why Teen Sex Is Totally Fine, I’ll admit that the title interest me. And that’s what a good writer supposed to do. They are supposed to pull you in with their titles. I clicked on the article and what I read appalled me! It made me think, is this what our world is coming to? Before I continue there are two things I need to tell you about me. One is no, I am not an over religious person. I go to church on special holidays like Easter, Father’s and Mother’s Day, Christmas and stuff and that’s about it. So this response is not coming from anywhere religious. It’s coming from my heart. Secondly I’m not here to tell you sex is wrong. I’m here to tell you what I think about this article.

The article begins with the author telling us about how her friend told her she is going to have sex with her boyfriend of four months (rolls eyes). And she asked her friend if she is ready? How can you be ready for something like that? I know that you can buy condoms and other such things, but does that mean that you’re really ready? What does being ready really means? She then goes on to say that America makes teens having sex a “big deal.” I’m just taking a wild guess here, but maybe they are making a big deal out of it not for religious reasons, but because teen pregnancy is on the rise. I’m just guessing here people!

After that she says that sex is natural, America is not a theocracy, and people are forcing their religious beliefs on us, how sex is denied solely upon our age, and blah, blah, blah. Yes, we know sex is natural. Yes, we know America is not a theocracy. It’s far from a theocracy it’s more like a hell- o- cracy. No, no one is forcing their religious beliefs on you. They are just trying to tell you what they believe. Rather you choose to listen or not, it’s on you. And lastly I think age is a big thing to consider if you plan on doing it. Call me crazy, but doesn’t age tell you how a person has developed mentally, emotionally, and physically? Age is not just a number my friends! It’s actually very important! I know right? Shocker!

Here’s the line that really threw me off, “Having Sex is not a big deal.” Basically when I read this my mouth dropped open. This by the way is very unpleasant when you’re trying to eat your breakfast. Whoa, wait! Sex is not a big deal? Since when? See! This right here is the problem with our world today. We are so used to seeing movies and TV show where people make sexual remarks, do sexual things, pokes fun at sex, and act like sex is a reward for a man if he is on his best behavior or buys us jewelry that we forget sex is a big deal. If I’m having sex with someone best believe it’s a big deal to me and it better be a big deal to the person that I’m about to sleep with!

Next she talks about birth control, condoms, how doing it’s our individual choice, how we shouldn’t be obligated to wait until marriage, how we don’t have to be in love with the person, and lastly how we can choose to have one sex partner or more than one. When I was finished reading those statements that she wrote I was like, she can’t be serious, right? Is this a joke? Obviously to her it’s, but not to me or anyone else who thinks that sex is a, “big deal.”

Truth be told I used to think the way she thinks about condoms and birth control until I read the book Fatherless by Brian J. Gail. Maybe she should read it too or anyone else who thinks that if they use birth control or condoms that they won’t get pregnant. I’m here to give you a wakeup call. So listen up! Condoms and birth control don’t always work! They don’t 100% guarantee you that you won’t get preggers and they come with side effects. The only thing that 100% guarantee you that you won’t get preggers and does not have any side effects is, Abstinence. You can call me a prude or a loser but I practice abstinence and I’m not afraid to say it to the world. Ello world! My name is Vanessa and I practice Abstinence! Whoo hoo!

Finally she finishes her article by saying, “Frankly, if you're going to have sex and you're a teenager, I wish you luck. There's nothing wrong with it -- not in the least. All I am advocating is to do it safely: use condoms, always, and birth control, if possible. Make sure that neither you or your partners have any STDs. Make sure that you are comfortable enough with your partner to engage in intercourse. And I can assure you that everything will turn out fine.”

I wish you luck too. I wish you luck with your baby daddy. I wish you luck with finishing school. I wish you luck on trying to provide food and a stable environment for you and your baby. I wish you luck with the hospital bills. I wish you luck with the side affects you are going to get from the birth control pills you took. I wish you luck with being a single mother or father. I wish you luck with the sleepless nights. And I wish you luck in life.

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clarky104 said...
on Apr. 29 2013 at 9:04 pm
Hey, There. You can write! Although I completly disagree with absolutly everything that you stand for, your last paragraph was powerful. It was also a bit disturbing to me. The chances of doubling a condom and birth control and having a child are very, VERY unlikely. Also, sex is a natural part of life. You know why the number of teen parents is increasing? Because the number of TEENS is increasing. "I wish you luck with your baby daddy?" Do you have any idea how offensive that is to so many single parents? Frankly, I'm not suprised you go to church on "Special Occcasions".