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February 12, 2010
By Alan Romero BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Alan Romero BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Andrew D.'s “Return Policy,” highlights a flaw in relationships that many don't take into account: the obvious waste of ­money on gifts, jewelry, or expensive dates that always adds an extra obligation to the ­relationship. Some, like me, willingly meet this obligation to show their appreciation for their girlfriend or boyfriend; however, others see this as the small disclaimer on a brochure that otherwise seems to offer a perfect getaway to relationship paradise.

The problem is, while the amount of money spent may seem insignificant for the sake of keeping a relationship intact, sometimes that infatuation with gifts was the only reason the relationship began in the first place. Once it ends, we regret how much money we spent on something that turned out to be a skid mark on the road to happiness. When the love is gone, all that remains is sorrow, ­regret, and possibly debt. These can't be ­“returned to sender,” so we learn to live with them.

I would like to thank Andrew D. for his insight, which led me to this conclusion. Hopefully I'm not the only one who received this message from the original article.

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