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Bringing Home a Stranger MAG

By Anonymous

     This was a very moving story. I found itvery descriptive, which gave the story more meaning and a lot ofemotional impact. It made me think about who your real friends are. Iespecially liked how she said she was bringing home a stranger - herself- after the rape. I think it is very sad that humans are such violentanimals, considering that we are supposed to be so highly evolved.

I hope the anonymous author who had this horrifying experienceis recovering and doing well. I also hope that the guy who assaulted hergets what's coming to him.

Editor's Note: Date rape isforced sex between people who know each other. Rape has nothing to dowith love. No woman owes any man sex, not in return for gifts, dinner,advice, anything ever. Your friends should seek medical attention totest for sexually transmitted diseases, consider counseling and reportthe rapes. Learn what you can do to protect yourself

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