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To The Children of Immigrant Parents

October 22, 2019
By nelly0208 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
nelly0208 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Amelia Zander’s article “Brown” extremely moving. As a child of immigrant parents who has gone through and still am going through, I could almost smell what Amelia describes in her article. At the end of a hard days work, my dad smells like “fertilizer and anti-fungal [and my mom smells of] lemons and ammonia.” They’re sore and beaten black and blue from what they had to endure from the first signs of sunlight to sun down. All this to guarantee a better life for me and my brothers, to be role models for my niece and nephews, to support me the last one left at home still financially dependent on them. I wake up grateful everyday for what my parents have done for me. To the children of immigrant parents, if you ever feel as if your life is unfair in comparison to others remember exactly what your parents had to do in order to get to where they are now and be grateful you will never have to go through what have. Thank you, Amelia for shedding light on our community.

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