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New Changes, New Mindset

August 26, 2019
By Frances2118 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Frances2118 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Orin OH’s article “what it feels like” extremely moving. Her story explains perfectly what many teenagers go through in our society. Orin explains her experience in high school and goes into depth about how depression felt for her in her junior year. How it stole, “relationships, my writing, my pride, my happiness.” Many students struggle with that everyday. I felt these kind of emotions my first year at my new school. I felt all alone, my anxiety took so many things away from me my junior year. I isolated myself from the people that tried to help me, and this made matters worse for me mentally. It made me lose confidence in myself, and it made me unhappy. Luckily I had friends and family that helped me get through these times. They gave me memories to hold on to and helped me build a new mindset for myself, they helped me feel loved and happy. Thank you Orin for giving inspiration and hope for many people that are struggling through these difficult times. I hope that the people that are going through this continue to fight and continue to not lose hope because it really does get better in the end.

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