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Parents Need to Take Their Teen’s Mental Health Seriously MAG

August 26, 2019
By nelly0208 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
nelly0208 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I completely agree with Clarence S. in his article “Parents Need to Take Their Teen’s Mental Health Seriously.” Teens today are very vulnerable to depression and anxiety. It’s not easy having to grow up in the conditions teens have been presented with today, social media being one of them. Mental health can even worsen if one tells their parents and their parents deny one’s symptoms. If parents were more open with their kids on these issues, teens, as Clarence said, would be “more comfortable talking with their parents and telling them more personal things.” This, in turn, could possibly decrease mental health issues worldwide. It’s an issue that cannot necessarily be solved overnight, but by just spreading the word like Clarence did we can begin to move to a better place with our understanding of mental health issues. Thank you, Clarence, for speaking up on these issues that continue to afflict teens of today. 

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