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February 6, 2019
By LawHouts BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
LawHouts BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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In this feedback, Chase Eitniear claims that an argument for college being free is unreasonable since it would result in higher taxes, leading to an increase in public debt, hurting the economy. They continue this by saying that this supposed collapse of the economy would result in the complete destruction of the United States education system. 

This is based on two wrong assumptions. First of all, it says that free college would end in dramatically higher taxes, but the majority of government programs are actually made by increasing national debt and out of other programs. It also relies on the assumption that debt will lead to economic collapse, while the majority of modern nations actually act the opposite, being based on debt. Since both of the points made within the "article" are false, it is a reasonable conclusion to make that free college is generally at least a semi-reasonable decision to make.

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