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December 10, 2018
By anastasi BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
anastasi BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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im busy unless you brought boba

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” by Jack Pappas is a meticulous review that compliments the exceptional video game it is based on. Each paragraph serves a purpose that contributes to the message of the essay. In summary, Spider-Man  is a game based on stealthy missions and stunning plot twists. The skyscrapers of Manhattan add to the marvelous graphics. It was manifest that the creators were experienced, due to the amount of surprises hidden throughout the plot. The review was able to express the exquisite game.

I was able to relate to the review. Since Spider-Man was released in September, the miniscule amount of homework allowed me to enjoy the plot to the fullest. I can clearly remember spending hours attempting to unlock all the secrets planted in the game. When the writer states, “I could play 24-7 if I wanted; my addiction was well underway,” I grinned, since I had the same experience. Therefore, “Marvel’s Spider-Man” is a superlative and accurate writing piece.

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