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A Sense of Belonging at Camp Ballibay

August 31, 2018
By yamilej02 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
yamilej02 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I can relate to Jayla Smith when she wrote about Camp Ballibay in her article "A Sense of Belonging at Camp Ballibay" because I've personally been to camp and I loved it so much. While I was at camp I got to do so many encouraging, amazing, exciting different adventures and expereinces where me and my group had to do so many different activities such as obstacle courses, dance classes, art classes and more. I had so much experiences in camp and i met so many new people who loved the same thing as I did. The camp i went to is so similar to Camp Ballibay because in both of these camps the students had numerous opportunites to join different activities that they loved. "From the minute you arrive at Ballibay, it is filled with opportunities and people who want to get to know you" (Smith 2), camps such as Ballibay and the camp I went to give the campers limitless experiences where in the future they will be able to face them. "The campers share a desire for opportunity"(Smith), campers love to express themselves and sometimes help them figure out what they want to be in life. Camp helped me a lot and I can't wait to go again this summer.

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