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What Cured My Acne and Eczema After Prescription Creams Failed Me

December 11, 2016
By ShyFlyGirl2001 BRONZE, Toledo , Ohio
ShyFlyGirl2001 BRONZE, Toledo , Ohio
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As many of you know, I have suffered from severe eczema and terrible acne problems for a while now. And of course, like countless other teenagers, I have tried every single cream my doctor told me would work. Well, they didn’t, and some even made it worse. On top of that, all the acne treatments I tried would make the symptoms of my eczema even worse!


Maybe some of these have worked for other people, I suppose it wouldn’t be sold if it didn’t. I have noticed that my skin is crazy sensitive, so finding the right one was hard to do, and these prescirption creams ended up being way too harsh.

Here are few of the prescription creams I have tried for my acne and eczema. For eczema I tried Clobex, Olux, Diprolene and Halog. Most of them made my skin drier and itchier and I hated it! And here are the prescriptions (topical and pills)  I have tried for my acne problems; Epiduo, Differin and Acutane. All 3 made the skin on my face AND my body so dry it hurt!


So, onto what DID WORK! I decided to try going a more natural route for my skin problems. My mom bought me this fancy expensive one, which did nothing! But then my cousin told me she heard great reviews on this brand Z Skin Cosmetics, though I was hesitant because like other ones I tried in the past, it was a product that wasn’t expensive.


So I was flipping through the channels one night and decided to watch this new Project Runway spinoff (which is just a wanna-be shark tank) and BAM the next person to pitch his product was the guy that created that brand Z Skin! His story was awesome, and then they showed his before and after picture with his acne and I was beyond amazed! BUT AGAIN I was hesitant to buy it, so I emailed the guy Ryan who created the products, and he said he would give me a full refund if it didnt work. I told him about my sensitive skin issues, and for the first time that I have ever seen, they had an acne line specifically made for sensitive skin!


Well! Ryan was right, it finally worked! It’s been 2 weeks and my acne is all cleared up, and it took just 3 days to clear my eczema!!!! I haven’t had any sort of side effects or irritation from the acne products which is amazing, I guess it just comes down to being 100% organic and not using chemicals. The Z Skin Sensitive Acne System not only smells great and makes me hungry, but uses no preservatives, fragrances or additives. The product I used that cleared my eczema was the Extreme Moisturizer, it smells like butter and cinnamon, and works miracles!! My skin is finally soft and I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing a low shoulder shirt anymore.


Anyway, in conclusion, I’m still really shocked these products worked. No prescription cream ever helped me, and its bonkers that an inexpensive 100% organic brand could clear both my acne and eczema and return my confidence! If you’re looking for help with the same issues, I highly suggest these products! 

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I struggled for a long time with trying to get rid of my eczema and acne, not only was it making me self conscious, but it was driving me crazy trying to find someting that worked.

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