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No Rubber, Mo Problems

April 13, 2016
By Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
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At my high school and across the nation, sexual education is necessary. Depending on where you are in the country, there is usually some form of sex ed in the school. It is usually taught in a high school Health class through diagrams, simulations, lectures and videos. Generations today face many issues(crises) like teen pregnancy, abortion, STDs, Sexual Identity Crisis, and the increased pressure to do certain things.

At my high school, staff believe students should know they are valued and should know how to protect their body. Health Teacher Mr. Steinberg says, “From my perspective, the most important thing is to understand that sexual activity can have real consequences in your life — consequences that you sometimes can’t take back. One choice can forever change your physical, psychological, and financial future. Sex can be a truly wonderful part of life, but it has to be approached with respect and wisdom. Of course, I realize that I haven’t answered your question if you were looking for the most important “information” I want students to know. So, here is the most important piece of information:  The Health Center on our campus provides free and confidential access to STI testing, condoms, and hormonal methods of birth control. Our Health Center is truly amazing, and any sexually active teen needs go there.”

Mr. Steinberg creates his lesson according to Health Education Standards. There are varying topics in sex ed, but beyond the standards lessons adjust to the needs of the population of kids at my school. Steinberg and other Health teachers decide what’s working and what isn’t for the students like topics kids face present day. I feel they have done a good job with keeping up to date seeing the buzzing activity around school. There are healthy relationships, more people going to the health center and I am seeing more diverse couples by class, race, age, or sexuality. It would be helpful for teens across the country if they had the same teachings like here at my school.


Mr. Steinberg further continues his statement by saying, “ We also spend a fair amount of time exploring the psychology behind the self-destructive choices people sometimes make….young people in today’s world are making profound decisions for themselves, and often by themselves. As teachers, we need to respect that power. I really try to create a space where students can consider how and when to make sex a part of their lives, so that when it eventually does, it is something beautiful and not destructive..Sex education is certainly outdated in some regions of the country. In fact, some states are infamous for refusing to teach students about safe-sex practices, and as a result, have depressingly high rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. I really think we need to see a federal law that gives students a protected right to accurate sex education. Living in California, we are fortunate to be in a highly progressive state.  Health educators in California are mandated to provide instruction on the essentials, including abortion, contraception, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.”

From the High Health Center: La Clinica, Health Educator Ms. Leslie “Rob” Robinson said, “I am a worldly person, a parent..what I teach now is what I taught my children and the same way my mom engaged me.. I don’t have lessons, I base my teachings on reality based curriculum according to the Centers Of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and California Family Health Council (CFHC)...I believe kids should know they are unique, one of a kind, and worth protecting. They only get one body and they should do all they can to protect it. Not only from STDs but from other harmful factors as well…”

Even students agree how helpful sex ed was. Senior Yoanna Estrada said, “ I learned a lot in sex ed because by the end of the lesson, i didn’t have too many questions because Mr. Steinberg went through everything clearly..he covered everything from diseases to pregnancies and different protection plans.”

I believe we as young adults should know about sex ed. It’s not all fun and games and a little education can help us on the long run. We as students should know what is happening with our body. We should know that whatever we are feeling, someone else is feeling too and there is help out there.

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This was inspired by Youtuber Stevie Boebi. Her past experience and words inspired me to write an article on this issue.

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