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pain ,loss of hope, and strength of jesus Christ

January 25, 2009
By nika0305 BRONZE, Gresham, Oregon
nika0305 BRONZE, Gresham, Oregon
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Have you ever heard the phrase "If It dosen't
kill you,It makes you stronger?" well I learned to believe that a little early in life,when something happened to my sister that changed her and our family's life forever.
let me take you back to 1999 my sister was doing a collage course In microbiology.Well during the course a sample of organic horse droppings was brought
into the lab for experimentation.Prior to the experiment the droppings were known as not airborne with bacteria, but sure enough my sister ended up being one of four women who was dramatically effected by the bacterium.Now its 2009 and my sister suffers from crohnes disease, and has a brain shunt but I admire her willingness to not give up on healing. What is crohnes disease? crohnes disease is a bowel malfunction that is constantly fluctuating
from bloated to not bloated. Her brain shunt is a tube they put in because she had to much fluid on the goes from her brain to her stomach were it drains out the fluid. my sister has felt pain like nobody's business. she has felt the loss of hope of seeing another day alive or the hope of getting better.But one thing my sister says that will never forget nothing makes her heart soar higher then the strength that jesus christ gives her each and every day.

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