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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Stress is a difficult obstacle to deal with because it can be caused by different things. Have you ever had to deal with such excruciating pain you didn’t know how to handle it? I have. I have Crohn’s Disease and when I was being diagnosed it was a period of tests and sitting and waiting. The uncertainty of what the outcome could be was stressful.
The doctors said the malignant pain I was encountering was from the Crohn’s. Then they said that the goal from here was to get it in remission. During this time symptoms’ will respite. I was fretful knowing that I would be on a lot of medications. I cried myself to sleep most of the time. During the whole thing I just tried to sleep so I wouldn’t succumb to the pain. The pain felt ubiquitous and I didn’t want to feel a thing.
I missed school for about two months on and off not all at once. I felt remote to the others. I had no friends. It was difficult for me to even get up in the morning I always felt pain. I would throw up most mornings and feel sick to my stomach. The doctors told me that Crohn’s Disease is one of the worst pains anyone can experience and they do not know what causes it.
Although the side effects from the steroids had left its mark on me no one turned away of left me because I gained weight. They all tried to understand what I was going through. My friends tried to relate but it was difficult for them to see me in such pain. They knew things were not going well but they still cared. As time moved on the medications started to work and the pain was going away. These medications thwart the disease successfully.
The doctors said the in harbinger the pain could come back and we may need to switch medication. Since then it did come back several times even this year and I had to undergo tests like you wouldn’t believe. But through it all I always had my family. They were there supporting me through the whole thing. I cried and slept during most of it but I couldn’t have done it without them.
This year when it started to come back all my friends were there for me too. They come to doctor appointments or they came with me to go get my blood drawn every week. The best stress reliever is love. Having people that care for you is the best cure.

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