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Monster Called Depression

January 13, 2015
By xXSpyderGyrlXx GOLD, N/A, Rhode Island
xXSpyderGyrlXx GOLD, N/A, Rhode Island
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Dpression. A monster many meet. Many will say it is the chains that lock them to their beds. Or the wall that keeps them from being happy. But depression is much more. Itnis a lifestyle for those who can't escape. The cloudy day for those who are happy. The monster that won't leave you alone, you say you want to have fun, but the monster says no. You say you want to laugh, but the monster says never. You say you have a happy life, the monster says not anymore, this monster has taken over lives since the start. Picks it's victims from the very beginning and doesn't leave til the very end, depression. The monster that won't let you live.

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Pook said...
on Jan. 21 2015 at 6:54 pm
Depression is absolutely a disabling monster, but we need to create a super monster to tackle it! It is possible with a strategy by attacking in multiple ways. Getting help from grown ups, physicians, teachers, counselors, maybe even a friend who can be confided to will go a long way.
Anyone out there battling the monster please do keep talking about it, it will help!