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Summer Fun

January 8, 2009
By Anonymous

“Wow wow!” I land on the ground as a hard a sharp pain runs up my leg and through my body. Wham a rock lands on my head and a huge powerful pain goes through my head. Now I’m nauseous I nearly collapse from the shock. “Are you ok, Are you ok, Brady are you ok”
“Ya Ya I’m ok”
“We got to get home”
“No we need to get some help”
By now blood is running down my head. But I stay calm we head to the nearest house four help we ring the doorbell three times. Ring, Ring, Ring no answer. So we start walking home when a car pulls up.
“Are you ok”?
“Do I look ok to you?” I say to myself.
“No I need help can you drive us home”
“Ya come get in”
So she drops me and my brother off and me and my brother go inside. We need to put a bandage on my head I say to my brother.
“All right”
So he runs down stairs to go get a bandage. During that time I call my mom and tell her what’s wrong so she tells me all be right there.
“Brady here use this thanks”
He hands me a bandana. So I fold it and tie it around my head really tight as to stop the bleeding. And about ten minuets later my mom comes home.
“Wow how did this happen”?
“Well so I was free climbing on the cliff down the road and I was about oh five or six feet off the ground. So I turn around and look down and lose my footing and slip and pull a chunk of rock out. So I land on my feet and two seconds later a rock hits my head. And left this gash in my head. And that’s basically what happened”
“I see well we better get you to the doctors”
“All right”
So I stand up but a little to quickly and I fall right back down. So I try again this time I keep my balance. And walk out to the car and get. The drive was hard because I just wanted to fall asleep but mom said no so I had to keep waking myself up. By the time we got to the doctors I was exhausted so we went and I went into the emergency room and five minuets later I and eight staples in my head an for about two weeks I had to be care full when I washed my hair.
And now I’ve learned never to free climb with out safety gear. But on the bright side it’s another tally to the injurie list. That’s five. And still left is to get hit by a car and survive, Get struck by lightning and survive, and break something.

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