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Purposeful Pain

March 17, 2014
By jennamarie3437 BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
jennamarie3437 BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
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Have you ever felt sad, lonely, or empty? You may be one of the 121 million people battling depression. Depression is different to everyone who has it. People react to it differently, everyone's “story” is not the same. Depression is caused by many different things, some of those may not even pertain to some people. The scientific definition from Google is, “severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy.” Most people would think that depression is people feeling miserable, wanting to die, seeing no hope in their life, but there’s more to it. Depression isn’t just a word people throw around. Depression is a REAL diagnosed mental illness. It’s not something to joke about. Depression is serious.
Some signs of depression are the death of a loved one, a divorce, bullied, feeling helpless, alcohol or drug abuse, physical or verbal abuse, etc. Depression can be caused by genetics body chemistry and brain stress, trauma, etc. medical conditions. Even famous people get depressed. People may think celebrities are perfect but not all are. Famous Eagles linebacker, Shawn Andrews has depression. By the time he was 12 he weighed 230 pounds. He had been bullied because of his size which resulted in depression. You can tell someone is depressed when they feel sad or empty, have several cuts or scars on their wrists, have frequent crying episodes, sleep too much or not enough, have a hard time concentrating, etc. This isn’t always the same for everyone.

Suicide is sometimes a result for a long-term depression, or even just a harsh depression. Suicide is never the answer though. You should never take your life for a reason that simple counseling can help. Almost 30 thousand people die from suicide every year. Most people commit suicide during the springtime. It could be because people interact more in the springtime. Doctors saw that it spikes greatly in the spring and summer, but mostly in the spring. There is still no overall answer to this phenomenon. Scientists are still searching to find an answer. We may never even know an answer. Suicide doesn’t help anyone get anywhere, just make the people around you sad if you actually do it.

Conclusively, depression is different for everyone. There are many phenomenons about why people are so depressed and commit suicide that may not have even been figured out. Some people just toss around the word depression, but depression is a REAL diagnosed mental illness. Never make fun of someone who has cuts on their wrist, or are always sad, or even have a big scar somewhere, because you don’t know them or their story.


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