August 22, 2011
By livsinthecity SILVER, Toronto, Ontario
livsinthecity SILVER, Toronto, Ontario
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''The biggest wealth a man possesses is health.''Someone has rightly said so.This statement is gathering a lot of controversies
these days as we wonder whether health has become a style statement or still remains as a fitness attribute.
Take a walk at any park early morning and you'll find the kingpins of Delhi jogging or exercising with headphones on.Health is not merely a word associated with fitness these days.It is more of a style statement.This is the misconception of people that being and looking fit/healthy projects a better image of a person.A person is defined by his/her character and not by his physique.
Thanks to Kareena Kapoor we had size-0 'fever' where even a girl as young as 12 wanted to have a size-0 figure.But women suddenly realize that they cannot maintain it.Another fad-curves are back.This time it's Kate Winslet...the English Rose seems to be popular even now in India!All this again becomes a style statement.People are compromising with their health,all in the name of fashion!Fashion is defining health which should not be happening.I,as a member of Generation X,believe that people should adhere to the true meaning of health-fitness and not as style statement.
On one hand,we have slums where people are not having enough to eat and on the other hand,we have elites who are spending fortunes in staying fit.They buy low calorie food,go on crash diets-take Lady Gaga for instance.At the same time we have rag pickers,who don't have money to buy food and need some energy to drag on their cheerless existence.If we donate that money spent on gyms,low calorie food,etc. we can support an orphanage.
This attitude of people has divided India into two halves-Bharat,for the lower strata and India,for the upper strata of the society.This threatens the very goals,dreams and existence of our country.
We must bridge the gap between them before the time runs out.As time and tide wait for none,we must act in the living present and bring about a change in ourselves and then gradually in the society.

The author's comments:
Time we give this issue a thought..!

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