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December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

What would life be without laughter? What would our memories and friendships be like? Laughter should be treasured and used to its full extent. Some of my greatest moments and friendships were made simply because of laughter. I believe laughter is one of life’s greatest riches.

Laughter is a helpful tool when it comes to embarrassing moments. I clearly remember the day when I made a fool out of myself when praying in front of the whole school. My good friend Sarah was moving away, so the guidance counselor asked me to pray for her in one of our weekly chapels. I got up there and repeated a line in my prayer, and shouted “Whoops, I already said that! I’m sorry!” The only way I was able to get through the day, was to laugh it off. Sarah and I always joke about that chapel. I was able to make a negative situation, a positive. Sarah never forgot that prayer, and our laughter created a memory that would last forever.

However, the memories and positive outcomes do not stop there. It continues, especially when it comes to facing defeat. I was riding home from a basketball game; and my friend and I were bummed due to our horrific loss. In attempts to lighten the mood, we talked about our favorite Disney movies. When we got talking about the movie “Madagascar” we found ourselves in tears of laughter. Somehow, we found little talking animals that were trapped on an island, amusing. It seams that laughter always comes through to conquer those negatives situations, no matter how tired or upset you are. It created an unforgettable memory, and brought our friendship to a whole new level.

Laughter makes friendships memorable. My good friend and I created most of our treasured memories, when we dressed up like idiots, and laughed until we cried. One particular time, we decided to dress up like garbage men, just to get a good laugh at ourselves. We went all out, drawing mustaches, goatees and all. Laughter makes you and your best friend dress up like garbage men for no particular reason at all, and then dance in the middle of the street. Laughter is what overcomes the neighbors when they took one look at us. Laughter brought me and my friend closer. The laughter I shared with my friends taught me a lesson, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks, it is what you do and how much fun you had doing it. It gives you entertainment and joy, a reason to live, and reason to love.

Laughter is one of life’s greatest gifts that should be taken full advantage of. Lucky for us, laughter can never run out, and will never be taken away from us. I fully enjoy laughter, and laughter had made my experiences more enjoyable. Laughter makes you forget about everyone else, and brings who your real personality to the surface. So if you ever get in a situation like me, laughing your head off because of a Disney movie, take it all in, create a memory, and enjoy.

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