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November 28, 2009
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Stress, we all feel it at one point or another in our lives but what is it? It is a pressure or strain put on us by either ourselves or other people, emotionally, physically or both. Sandy Weisbrodt says, “stress is when your problems dig inside of you and tear you apart until you’re tired and can’t fight back.”
Signs of Stress

Everybody reacts to stress differently. The body of a person who is stressed may react with a pounding heart, shortness of breath, a dry mouth, constant sweating, a headache, an upset stomach, which may cause vomiting, tense muscles, a skin rash, trembling, and a rise in heart rate or blood pressure. Some of these reactions are more serious than others and may require medical treatment in severe cases.

A person who is suffering from stress may be “thrown-off” emotionally. A stressed person may feel nervous, angry or impatient. They may also lack simple concentration, are forgetful, or show a lack interest in things that were once interesting or exciting.

Behavior changes with mood as well. A person who is stressed may cry more often, have problems sleeping, and may lose appetite or indulge in overeating. A person may also act rushed or talk too fast, criticize others, or avoid family or friends.

Reactions to prolonged stress can be severe and harmful. Some of these reactions can include severe fatigue, colds or other illnesses, asthma, injuries from accidents due to loss of attention, depression, and suicide attempts.
Causes of Stress

Stress can be caused by many different situations. Corey Russey finds stress in “school, family, friends, and life in general.” Common causes of stress include violence, witnessing it and enduring it, pressure to have sex, pressure to do drugs or join a gang, and family problems caused by addictions, abuse, financial, problems, and divorce.

Positive Stress

Although stress can make people feel extremely uncomfortable at times, it can also lead to a positive outcome. People may feel stressed to do well or complete a task which sometimes gives a person the boost they need to excel. Stress can be a motivational part of someone’s life if they let it be.

Tips on Managing Stress
Eating healthy, fruits and vegetables, and exercising daily will reduce the effects of strain on the brain.
Organize your time. Less procrastination will equal less time to freak out in the end.
Just relax. When you’re feeling tense take a break from your situation and do something peaceful or enjoyable to you; read a book or listen to music.
Learn to say no. You cannot do everything yourself.
Learn to accept disappointments. You and the people around you aren’t perfect, so accept it.
When it comes to relieving or managing stress, Tanner Gault says, “ I’ll either sit and do nothing or play violent videogames.”

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