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United Nations Speech-Goal #3-Good Health and Well being

March 15, 2023
By aidenzi29 GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
aidenzi29 GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
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As it is known, the health of everyone, including everyone in this room, is very crucial and important to live happily and healthy. Although, I have taken notice that not everyone in this world can live the fullest considering that it can be hard to access good healthcare or to any healthcare. About 6 percent of the world, or 400 million people, do not have essential healthcare. This also includes our home country with about 9 million people also not having essential healthcare. 


Going back to the year of 2020, we have all had an experience associated with the health of yourself and your loved ones in your family. The pandemic that dealt with Covid-19 was a highlight that caught everyone’s attention that the health of everybody was in danger. The pandemic affected us as small as putting a mask on to as big as millions of deaths that happened worldwide. Many of the deaths were from the same people who didn't have the essential healthcare or get the resources needed to survive.

 With the United Nations, they are very much aware of this issue going on and have created and developed many programs. They target the main goals for this initiative and that is and I quote “Ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages”. To target this, they have created and developed programs to target many diseases in the world and to study them to get a better visual on it.

Before I go on, I want to just make clear that the United Nations doesn’t just focus on physical health. They focus on mental health as well. Mental Health is a strong target and is associated with their goal and can be led by other initiatives that the United Nations has like poverty. Many people struggle with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders and all of them are continuing to rise. 

So therefore, this goal is continuing to get worse as we speak and is not getting anywhere near to the goal we need to establish. We need to work fast and efficiently for the people who are struggling to keep their lives in this world and give them access to essential healthcare. Whether mentally, emotionally, or even physically, checking up on someone can save many people. 

I wish for you to join me and to make a strong effort and difference to help create strong access to healthcare to every single person in the world and make it a reality. And thank you everyone for your time.

The author's comments:

This was a speech that I wrote to contend to be a United Nations Junior Ambassador against others and there topic. I ended up not doing this speech and chose another goal. I still found this to be a hot topic that should be discussed in today's society and is urgent.

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