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Impact of Social Media on Young Generation

April 21, 2022
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At present, Social Media has become a more prominent topic in society.
What are known as, Social Media and Social Media Influence? Websites and software programmes which are used for Social networking and Communication with people who share your interests using a website or other service on the internet respectively.
A person who has established credibility in a specific industry has access to a huge audience and can persuade others to act based on their recommendations is known as a Social Media Influencer.

Beneficial effects of Social media on youth
Truthfully, are there any positive impacts of social media? Of course! There are huge number of pros properties of Social Media. For instance, we use social media to stay in touch with our relatives, belongings and loved ones. To educate ourselves, can share our expertise, we can Increase visibility, Use Social Media to spread awareness about various topics and can increase customer and audience interaction.

Adverse effects of Social Media on Youth
These negative effects of social media can not be ignored. Drug Addiction is one of the biggest, but less talked topic due to excessive usage of social media. Researches found that 70% of 2000 adolescents use social media on any given day and compared to non-users or infrequent users of social media, they use Five times more likely to buy cigarettes Three times more likely to drink alcohol and Two times as likely to use marijuana. On the other hand, Teens and young generations get more addicted to celebrities and gossips revolving around famous people on the internet. In addition, Cyberbullying has become a major problem in society and this causes kids to be excluded and hated at schools, often feel alone and isolated, have mental health issues, increased stress and anxiety, depression, acting out violently, and low self-esteem. Moreover, students tend to distract from their studies and waste time on unnecessary sites, checking, commenting and liking on others’ social media accounts, trying to take pictures that impress themselves to gain likes. Most importantly, young people tend to make new relationships with strangers via social media and most of these mistakes leads teens to suicide etc.

What can we do to prevent these and more destructive effects of Social Media?
Quit Social media and get used to alternatives to technology. Use social media in a good manner and set a timer. Follow the accounts/friends that add value on social media and implement a Social Media free day each week.

Put yourself first and don’t be a slave to social media. Have a self Respect! :)
Good Luck!

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