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Guy's Cosmetical Care

March 25, 2009
By joseph101 BRONZE, Blountville, Tennessee
joseph101 BRONZE, Blountville, Tennessee
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Acne,Blackheads,Dandruff,Hair,and Sweating. Ask any teenage guy and he will probably admit to having one of the following. It happens, and you shouldn't be worried. Guys need a routine for there body just like girls, but every routine is different. No guy likes having facial irregularities and smelling bad when they go on a date. These things can be prevented but they all can't be cured. Doctors still haven't found a cure for acne and neither has a cosmetic company. But with some of the treatments acne can be less evident. You can usually find products for these things at your local grocery store. Deodorant is your friend! Use it liberally! Using a shampoo like head and shoulder can also help with those white specs that are left in your hair. Many people believe chocolate is a main factor in acne and that is not true. But having stress can cause hormone imbalances which can lead to acne,weight gain, and of course that grumpy attitude. Keeping your body healthy and clean can help with the stress that teens face.

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