This I Believe

January 11, 2018

I believe that the environment is where we and other creatures live. This is where we breath, eat, drink, and get energy from. So why are we destroying it?

Over the incredibly small time, humans have been on Earth, half of all trees have been chopped down. So many trees and rainforests have disappeared this year, it’s amazing we aren’t burning them down.

Coal plants should look towards alternative energy sources that are renewable. People should recycle more and recycling should be an expectation and more widely available. Buildings of all kinds should consider solar energy to power their power using devices.

Some may say it’s too late or that there are no consequences to not taking care of the planet. Global warming is killing environments and animals in colder regions. The ozone layer could rip open, exposing us to sun rays that could kill us. People should think about the environment and how important it is.

The environment needs us just as much as we need it. We must protect it before it is destroyed, and in turn, we are destroyed. The environment should be looked out for more, this I believe.

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