Getting Rid of GMOs

December 5, 2017
By Anonymous

GMO´s have been around for 30 years. They are in most of the fast food, candy ,fruits, vegetables and even the medicines that our doctors prescribe people With every single day. Most people aren't even aware of What Genetically modified organisms are or What they do to our bodies.
Many people have been debating over years on Whether or not the government should keep Genetically modified organisms around because of the fact that researchers have found a great amount of major issues that come With GMOs for example things like organ damage, accelerated aging, and infertility are all thing that have been the outcome of GMOs.
Researchers have also found that GMOs could possible be the reason Why so many adults and children in America have allergies and make their bodies react in different Ways after containing certain foods or medicines With GMos. also many kids in america have been diagnosed  With ADD or ADHD because of the shots that doctors put in our bodies that contain GMOs.
For these reasons the government should get rid of GMOs There, are numerous cons rather than pros of Genetically modified Organisms these are just some of the many reason that so many people have protesting against GMOs in the past .

Although many people have tried to get rid of GMOs in many different Ways the government has still continued to do nothing about this issue nor has the government came out to admit that GMOs can be harmful to our bodies or are the reason that We have these health issues.

The only people Who benefit from GMOs is the government and farmers because so many people purchase these foods that contain these harmful chemicals and farmers also get benefits from GMOs because it makes their job a lot easier on them by giving them less Work While, WE take on the aftermath of the issue .

Author, S.J (2011). Title of work: 10 reasons to avoid GMOs

The author's comments:

After reading my on artical I hope that people gain more knowledge about GMOs and are more ware of what they consume on a daily and I hope it results in healthy eating. 

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