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Lion Den #7

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Lion Den #7
October 23, 2008
Hillary Clinton
the White House
Dear Hillary Clinton,
I am just a little Cub writing to you from Africa. Yesterday I finished your book and I found myself looking at my life and to my amazement you were totally right! I had thought that just my Mum and Dad had only been taking care of me but I was wrong. I am raised by not just my pride but the whole jungle!
Gurulie, the prides dominant male, helped me learn how to kill a wild boar and looked on and scrutinized my every move and told me what I was doing wrong so that some day I could do it on my own. Jama is my grandmother and she is the oldest lion in my pride. She may not be able to go on hunts but she is very astute. She tells all of the lions where not to hunt to be safe from poacher hunting spots. None the less I found that not only lions raise me but I found even the baboons do! Most people don’t know but baboons are amicable creatures. They teach me manners and respect for all the creatures of the jungle.
I may be helped by animals other than my parents to raise me but there are some creatures that are vexations to everything my pride stands for. For instance the hyenas are ineffectual whenever they can. They act like they are teaching you the correct way to hunt. They told me to hunt a malady looking zebra the other day because those are easier to kill. When in reality yes they are easier to kill but that is a sure way to tell it is sick and if I were to eat it I would get sick!
So I wanted to write this letter to you Hillary to say thank you for opening my eyes to all the kind things my pride does for me. I have a better understanding of how the world works now and I learned that the reason why we all work together is because if any creature was ever to be to loathing to help anyone out then nobody would help it out therefore it would most likely fall be hind and die.
Thanks for all you have ever done.

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