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Pollution in our World

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Pollution is the biggest problem in society because it is reducing our air quality. There are many causes of pollution. I will be explaining, in my opinion, why I think pollution is the biggest problem in our society.

Next, the air quality is dropping fatally. Soon, people with respiratory problems are going to have to wear air filtering devices to stay alive A lot of things are adding to pollution, even cows! Cow’s stomach acid produces the dangerous gas known as methane, and they’re burping it out. They are responsible for 14% of the world pollution. I have nothing against cows personally, just their polluting burps.

Next, the biggest cause is power plants. Power plants in the United States emit over 4 hundred billion tons of exhaust every year! That’s number two in the world! People that work at power plants are at risk of lung disease from breathing in all that toxic air. Power can be gotten from solar and wind power, not coal.

The other big one is car exhaust. Cars are the most common use of transportation in the world, especially in the United States. I've seen people drive distances they could walk in just a little longer time. My mom doesn't drive me to school; I ride my bike, like the other seventy-five kids in my school. If people rode their bikes in distances they could; we could save a lot of gas.

Those are the three reasons why I think pollution is the biggest problem in our society. I'm doing my part, I'm just waiting for every one else to.

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