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November 30, 2008
By Anonymous

The mountains glisten as you walk towards them. While walking you see streams and rivers that are going fast or slow depending on the current. Every step taken leads into a stream covered proportionately with rocks which are red and brown. The rocks are different and unique, not like the rocks you are used to seeing. These rocks have life in them. With every glimpse taken at a rock, you see ants toppling over it trying to fulfill their duty in life. Near the rocks are stones that cover the ground; here and there you see little patches of grass with flowers sprinkled over it.
Next to the stones you see a stream. In that particular stream there are many fish in a group. In the back of that group you are able to notice a little fish trying with all its might to continue with its group. The fish’s tail is golden green. The only thing that keeps pushing the fish is the current and its will to keep moving forward. The magnificent green and blue hues are able to be compared as a mirror of your reflection. The lightness of its scales is so bright that if you would grab the fish, you would be able to see your complexion and the purity inside of yourself. In the stream you notice that many pebbles are being pushed down stream by the current. By the simplest kick of the pebble, the water starts to move.
On the surface you glance at your reflection on the little oval shapes the water does when it has been disturbed. The trees are all around the place like a protection against outside intruders. The luxurious trees serve shade for many organisms and creatures that live in that peaceful community. The trees are colored with many types of green and orange. Greens varying from light to dark. These greens on the trees are like a pair of green eyes from a new innocent child. A child that has no sin, but only righteousness within him. The leaves on the trees have an original shape to them. They just look like regular leaves, but with protection. The leaves have pointy ends that are so sharp that it can be like getting struck by a needle. The sun is glistening and ready to start heating up anything in its way.
Looking closely to the mountains, the trace of early civilization appears; showing all the writing and marks that the mountain has endured. Caves appear in mountains. Pebble, rubble, sand and boulders make up most of the mountains. The tints on the mountains are spectacular, and vary in different coloring, from red to the lightest brown. There is a sparkling sensation of glitter upon the landmass that makes it glow no matter what side or prospective it is looked at. Some boulders are smoothly shaped while others are shaped like an oval or square. All the shapes of the great mass seem unearthly and uncommon because every boulder appears to be hand made and carved to perfection.
The smells that emerge are numerous. Every direction moved, is a new scent discovered. The sand and dirt smelt like it had rained upon it. The breeze brought an aroma of fresh flowers or grass from the distance. The smell of water was possible when your face was dipped into it to keep you away from the rays of the sun. The leaves had an aroma of the types of candles that you buy at stores, which smell like pine trees and sometimes even maple.
Some birds are heard chirping joyfully to their happiness and enjoyment of nature. The sounds of the fish can be heard if listened to closely and with respect. The bristling of the trees rubbing against each other can be heard from afar. When gently kicking a pebble into the water you hear the pebble collide with the water and become united as one. The “plop” sound the water creates indicates that the pebble or rock has fallen into the bottom of the stream. Every step taken leads to a crunching sound of rocks clashing together underneath the heavy step that has just smashed it into the earth. Scraping comes from your worn out shoes when grinding against sand and boulder. Squeaking sounds are made from your shoes slipping against the unstable rocks that are in the stream. Splashing footsteps are made by tired feet stepping on the water like the hitting of drums. Every breath taken is hard and heavy because exhaustion is kicking in. Swaying patches of grass are listened to when the wind increases in order to refresh the thirst of life.
The texture of the ground you are stepping on is unsteady and rough. The temperature is heavy and humid. The sweat of your face and legs can be felt. The sweat coming off of you seems like if you are drenching in it. Your whole body sticks to you clothes. You refresh yourself by pouring cold water on your face. Every time you pick up a rock it seems to have a pointy shape. A slimy texture runs down you fingers as you walk through the stream; this as it seems is algae. Algae covers the rocks and pebbles making them soft and slimy. The bark on the tree is rough and smooth on some parts. The bark has splinters that can enter the surface of your body at any time. The wind touches your ears and sweating cheeks whispering words that you can not comprehend. You feel the sensation of heat upon your cheeks and can not hide away from the sun. The sun hits your cheeks warming them even more than they already are; adding redness upon them.
This place is Sedona. It is like a new born child that you have to take care of and adore. Even though it does not have many unique essences it does bring wonders with its shape. It is a place where you can prosper and give thanks to God for everything he has given us. It is a place where we can relax and enjoy nature no matter what troubles us. Sedona is a p lace where we can build memories together and keep them in our daily lives. It is where the combination of culture, spirit, and humanity takes place united as one.

The author's comments:
This piece is just talking about how Sedona is and the different sounds, sights, a feelings you can encounter while you are there. This did haapen but I decided to put it into the people's prospective.

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