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Fall in Westfield

November 5, 2008
By Anonymous

As fall begins in Westfield, the town becomes full of silence as students start another long and educational year at Westfield High school. The air has become colder with more of a windy breeze, and the parking lots have now become full after three unforgettable months of summer. As students walk into school everyday there is a sense of sadness and sorrow now that school is in session and their summer days have now come to an end. Though the season of fall does bring back the school year, it also brings a memorable and exciting trimester for the students to look forward to as they head back to school.

The excitement of Friday night football is an event that the students gear up for at the end of their long and tiring weeks. It’s always a good way to begin the weekends without having to worry about the responsibilities of school. The spirit at Westfield High school is like Halloween, everyone; including the students and community attend the football games with positive attitudes and wardrobes that consist of the colors green or gold. Being part of these kinds of events is something everyone looks forward to in the community.

Despite the frustration of beginning school in the fall, it’s still a peaceful season that most students enjoy being apart of. The weather is just at the right temperature, the sun is always out and shining; and it’s never to hot. The colors of the trees are changing color after color and the leaves are falling more and more each day. Even though during the fall were usually to busy or overwhelmed with school and other activities, we should still cherish the beauty of the season as much as we can.

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