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Global warming

November 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you believe that the environment is a topic worthy to be an important issue in today’s growing list of world issues? Many people have recognized the environment and global warming to be a major issue. I believe that global warming and the environment are huge issues and need to be solved very soon.

First, if we don’t solve global warming now, then our natural climate will change for the worse. As a result, some locations may experience extreme heat or extreme cold. Therefore, many farms will lose their crops because crops can’t survive in extreme temperatures. This could cause major food shortages. Also, as the weather changes, it creates a perfect region for hurricanes and tornadoes to form. As a result, more people will lose their lives to powerful natural disasters.

Furthermore, if we don’t act now to stop global warming, the ice caps will melt. As a result, many coastal cities will be under water. For instance, the coastal city of New Orleans loses three feet of its shore every day. Also, many cities on the east coast will be fully under water. For example almost half of Florida will be under water if the Greenland ice sheets melt.

Finally, we should stop global warming because if we don’t pollution will build up in our atmosphere. For example, here in Denver we can sometimes see the smog or pollution from elevated places. If we let our current reliance on cars continue, then we won’t even need to be at a high point to see the smog. Therefore it is possible that our air will become so contaminated that we won’t be able to safely breathe it. Also, if we keep polluting and releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, ozone holes will develop, letting ultraviolet B rays to come to the ground harming our skin.

Once again, if we don’t act now to solve global warming, we will face extreme weather, overflowing oceans, and pollution. If we do act together right now, we have a chance to solve the climate crisis.

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