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Solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy.

All types of renewable energy. Solar capturing energy from sunlight, wind using the force of the wind, and hydroelectric taking the power of water, all to replace the harmful greenhouse gases that pollute our atmosphere. So why haven’t we switched?

America has always been portrayed as a country of change, leading the way to the better way of life, but in the renewable energy sector, we hardly spend anything. We have some of the best solar power potential in the world, but we don’t capitalize. It is one of the best investments we can make, with climate change killing millions of animals and raising sea levels. In 2100, New York, Boston, and Miami will all be underwater if the rising sea levels continue at the rate they are at right now. And if we switch over to the renewable energy, it would cut back on our harmful carbon footprint.

We need to switch, now.

The country of Germany, a cloudy country, has almost 9 times the amount of solar energy installed in Megawatts than the US. Germany has 9,785 MW compared to a lowly 1,165 MW in the US. Not only is Germany beating us, but Spain and Japan are farther along as well. These aren’t the sunniest countries, either, Germany gets almost as much sunlight as Alaska. And yet we lag behind. The cost to install solar panels are nearly half as much here in the US as they are in Germany. And yet we lag behind. Germany has around 40.7 million households and the US has 114.8 million houses. And yet we lag behind. When it may not seem that great when it costs $55,000 to power the average house with solar energy, what is it worth if there is nothing left at all when we burn a hole through our atmosphere with harmful carbon dioxide.

Our statistics for solar energy are miniscule compared to Germany’s, we look like a little baby when were matched against them. However, we are leading one industry that is more cost effective.

Wind energy is one of the strengths of America’s renewable energy program. The impact of replacing conventional power sources with energy from wind turbines is incredible. Wind farms usually generate 17-39 times as much power as they consume. For every megawatt of energy wind turbines produce, it prevents harmful gases, sulfur and carbon dioxide to name a few, by the ton-full. It will take away 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. While the US is the worldwide leader in wind power production and creates nearly 1/4 of the world’s production, it still isn’t enough. We only create enough kWh per year to power 1.6 million US homes. Not even 1/100 of our homes.

Wind turbines reduce our carbon footprints by the megawatt. Wind turbines are a great alternative to greenhouse gases despite the difficulty to create and put up. Wind turbine farms take advantage of one of the infinite resources on Earth and don’t pollute the atmosphere at all.

So why haven’t we put up more turbine farms?

Hydroelectric power is one of the oldest forms of power that humans have ever utilized. It is also one of the biggest forms of renewable energy used in the world. 20% of the world’s energy comes from hydroelectric power, and some countries rely on it for their main power source. Norway gets 99% of its power from it and New Zealand gets 75%. But the US gets a small 7% of its energy from hydroelectric power. While it is our most utilized renewable energy source, we could easily get a lot more. Overall the US boasts a superb 80,000 dams. That’s quite a few. But only 2,400 are able to exploit hydroelectric power. All those potential dams that could gather power and take away from our use of coal energy and yet we only capitalize on 3% of our dams.

The US has incredible potential for hydroelectric power usage with around 250,000 rivers, and yet we can’t utilize our opportunities like Norway and New Zealand. The technology isn’t new, yet we just don’t bother, it seems.

So why haven’t we taken advantage of our renewable energy options?

The amount of coal, oil and natural gases we use to produce our energy is too much. 87% of our energy comes from those three harmful resources. If we continue to keep these statistics how they are, we’ll burn through our atmosphere in no time. With only 7% for renewable energy however, the US could greatly reduce our carbon footprint by making the switch.

We have so much potential with so much sunlight than other countries, but we can’t seem to create more solar energy than countries such as Germany. We have lots of potential for wind energy with lots of cities and land along the coast, but we can’t place enough turbine farms where we just build more condos. With .25 million rivers in the US and 80,000 dams, with have some of the top hydroelectric power potential in the world, but only 2,400 rivers and dams are capitalized on for energy.

If we don’t act now we will destroy our planet. And that means you, your generous family, your wonderful children, your fluffy cute pets, everyone will DIE! All because you were lazy! Too lazy to give to an organization that helped lead the charge for change. Or buy solar panels. Or sign a petition to the US government asking for more renewable energy.

So why don’t YOU donate money to similar charities?

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