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Poetry of Green

June 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Green is the color of new life
Of the nature
Trees and the grass
The rain off the trees
The color of St. Patrick's Day
Of Irish Heritage
Of the sun hitting the grass and trees
Fresh grass being cut
Planting a new tree
Cars going by without the gas
By alternative fuel
By leaves falling in the fall
Leaves in the spring after a long winter day
The smell of the air
The rain falling down from the sky
The color of clothes
Of personality
Of being refresed
Of God's Creation is filled with beauty
Seeds sprouting to stems to leaves of a new plant
The color of many things
Filled with joy of different things
Insects and Birds stretching out there green wings
Reaching for the sky
Coming down by the grass
Horses eating timidly
Grass and tress swaying with the wind
Green the color of many things

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