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Boston Waters MAG

By Anonymous

   A slight, glimmering electric light

Escapes from the buildings so far away

It catches my eye as it bounces and shines

On the black, murky waves.

I sit on a rock, just out of the water's reach

Silently kicking sand with my toe.

So many ships have sailed on these seas

The ghosts of their memories haunt my mind.

In the pale, small light of the moon

That turns the waters black and reclusive,

It is sometimes easy to forget, if just for a moment

The pollution, it hides, just a glimpse below.

Years ago, these beaches were alive with people

I would not have been the only one, then.

Now, off to the side, a sign, "Swim at Your Own Risk"

Stops the joy of the sea waters that every generation should know.

It must be fixed, the damage that has been done.

Not just for us, but for the life that struggles below.

The ships still sail, the tides still wash in, and the light still sparkles

brilliantly on the waves,

But the beaches long to hear the sounds of people, their swimming, a

child laughing in the sand.

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i love this so much!