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My Day in the Woods MAG

By Anonymous

      One day, I decided to gofor a walk in the woods, where I could relax and enjoy my day. I started down thelong narrow path surrounded by thick patches of wildflowers of all shades of blueand purple and pink. The sun was shining brightly, and the birds were singing.The sky was a beautiful shade of lavender-blue with white cumulus clouds hoveringover me.

As I was walking I noticed a large green iron gate standing atleast six feet tall, like a person looking down at me. I admired the gate'scraftsmanship, and how the flowers and moss had embedded themselves around thepoles, hugging them tightly, never wanting to let go.

I squeezed betweenthe bars and was surprised to see a huge garden full of trees, flowers and themost beautiful birds humming the prettiest songs as they fluttered over me. Theflowers had a hypnotic smell that could put anyone in a trance; the trees weregiants with long, thick branches.

Everything was healthy and lush. Icontinued and nearly tripped over a rock the size of my hand. It was rough on oneside and grayish-red with speckles of white. I had never seen such a rock before.I picked it up and placed it beside a tremendously large tree that was differentfrom the others in the garden. It wasn't lush and green; the branches were shortand stumpy. The leaves were thinning due to age, and the trunk was a dingy black.It looked like it had stood there for a million years and been tortured. Itbrought an eerie feeling to my stomach and I turned away.

I quickenedmy step and noticed calming wave-like sounds to my left. I found a lovely streamrushing over jagged rocks. My fear of the tree slowly departed as I stood there,admiring the stream's beauty. I relished the sound of the water splashing againstthe rocks. It had a calming effect, and I knew I would have nothing but goodencounters from then on.

My path extended over the hills around me, and Istarted to walk at a normal pace again, happy and calm. I knew this path couldtake me somewhere. A little bunny hopped beside me, as white as powder and withbig dopey ears. I chuckled as it crossed my path. The bunny stopped, gave me afrowning look, and then went into the lush garden. I tried to catch a glimpse ofmy furry friend, but he was nowhere in sight. I smiled, and then my smile turnedto a frown. I looked ahead to see nothing. My path had ended in a gloomy forestahead. I stopped, turned back and started my journey all over again.

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i love this so much!