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Glimpses of Dancing Stars MAG

By Anonymous

Peace fills myheart
Travels through my veins
From the tip of my toe
To the highesthair on my head
The stars dancing on the water
In the midafternoon
Is socalming
To watch light glimmer
All over the water
Millions ofstars
Bouncing back and forth
One of the most beautiful sights tosee
Millions upon millions
Dancing on the water
They come and go withoutrestriction
Just when you think they are going to appear
The water turnsgreen
But when least expected
They fill the channel
Reach hundreds andhundreds of feet
Making it feel like you're floating on stars
I cannotexplain the joy this brings to me
It's like I have seen a piece ofheaven
Just look upon the water as it sings with the sun
And I hope some ofyou will understand
What kind of joy these few glimpses of
Mystical beautyshining upon the water have brought to my life

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i love this so much!