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Recycling at Major Stores

February 18, 2008
By Anonymous

On February 5 2007, my friends and I went to Target to purchase some sports wear for gym class. Some of the merchandise we purchased was encased in plastic. As we left the facility, we decided to put on our new mouth guards and take pictures. After we finished our photos, we realized that there weren't any recycle bins to discard the plastic and cardboard in. So we drove to Wal-mart. After fifteen minutes of searching, we concluded that there were no recycling receptacles on the premises.
When i found that two major companies, who sell recyclable products and waste didn't have bins on the premises I was confused. But then I remembered that there are those who shop at Target and Wal-Mart, who do not practice Green activities. Most Americans don't live near a recycling center or drop-off location, so they neglect to recycle.
As my mom was driving me home, a light bulb lit up. The vast majority of consumers shop at either Target or Wal-Mart and an alarming percentage of them find recycling inconvenient. But what if they were able to drop off their recyclables at the store, people would feel more compelled to do so because it's on their way! After talking it over with our moms my friends and I have decided to petition Wal-mart and Target. We all feel that if recycling bin were available in the parking lots or near the door, then people would recycle more and business would increase exponentially. Teens who see their parents recycling will also want to recycling by example. Thus we can help and care for our cities and country more and make this world a better place!

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