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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

October 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Speculation and rumors have been circulating about the controversial topic of global warming since the day researchers began to take notice in increasingly warm temperatures. While some scientists believe this dilemma is indeed true, others think of this issue as merely a pile of rubbish. Studies clearly demonstrate that in the past 30 years, the average global temperature has increased greater than in the past 1,000 years. This dispute is affecting everyday life and results to major geographical, ecological, and economical changes. As citizens of the planet earth, we need to be heavily aware of the causes and effects of global warming before it escalates into a national sensation. (if that hasn’t happened already)

Greenhouse effect. CO2. Atmospheric declination. Ice caps melting rapidly. What do all of these scientific terms mean to the common people? Here is a taste of how global warming actually works. Carbon dioxide, a major component to this realization, is released into our atmosphere but ultimately becomes trapped due to the greenhouse effect. These gasses keep the surface warm enough for people to inhabit it. After the Industrial Revolution, much more CO2 was escaping into the air because of electricity, automobiles, factories, and many more emissions. Far too much is being put out today, heating up the atmosphere and destroying our ice caps, glaciers, and precious natural extravagant wonders.

Numerous steps may be executed to solve this disastrous predicament. Decreasing energy consumption by turning off the light when exiting a room, or commuting within a car pool to emit less energy will most likely lower global temperatures and prevent global warming from inflicting excruciating damages to our environment. People posses the ability to avoid horrifying results and encourage a change in the way we live. Global warming is a critical issue that must be taken seriously by citizens all over the world, but people seem to be too derailed to stop and think of the consequences.

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