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Cool Roof, Cool House

January 20, 2010
By manders101 SILVER, Houston, Texas
manders101 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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?I’ve recently read in a newspaper article that scientist may have found a very suitable, easy solution to diminish the fiery heat off our world’s shoulders and lessen your air-condition bills. The key is white roofs. Dark, shingled roofs absorb and hold more than 80 percent of solar energy, while white ones can reflect 75 percent of it away. That makes a white roof cooler and cheaper to air-condition. Walmart has realized the advantages of white roofs and has already installed them on 75 percent of it’s U.S. stores. Washington D.C. has also recently required all new, flat roofs on commercial buildings to be covered in vegetation or a reflective material. After scientist discovered the difference white roofs made for people’s air-condition bills they wondered whether white roofs might keep the world cooler, too. After extended amounts of studies and tests, scientist came into realization the results of painting about 63 percent of the roofs white in 100 large cities in tropical and temperate areas worldwide. They concluded that this would provide about the same climate benefits as taking all the world’s cars off the road for ten years. Do you realize what a relief this would be for our planet? Our world is already drowning in greenhouse-gas emissions, the least we could do is paint our roofs white. Think about it, you’d be saving money and saving our planet. Considering we all have to share this world, we might as well take care of it as best we can. But to take a stand, I must ask for a hand. Let’s help her up and cool her down.

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