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Going Green

October 21, 2009
By .MeganMaliferous. SILVER, Cumming, Georgia
.MeganMaliferous. SILVER, Cumming, Georgia
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Today when walking around to the store I saw a huge sign designed by some strange old man standing by the side of the road that said, “Please Help The World Go More Green”. That made me stop and think a little bit before entering the grocery store. Our world is trying to go green, but we are so far into pollution with gas from old musty factory buildings and littering that it might be kind of hard to just throw away all bad things and start over fresh in just a matter of months. From an estimate more than likely it would take years and years but not anytime soon to deplete our world of all pollution and go green. That is why today would be a good time to start our going green process! Going green is a matter of saving up energy and water supply to try and save planet earth from more harm than humans have already caused. If you are one who wants to save our earth please listen to some of the tips I am about to give you maybe you can put these few things into action for a start to a new world.

When turning your computer on set your device onto energy-saving settings and make sure to shut them down before leaving for the day. Inkjet printers give off a good amount of energy, so shut them off and unplug them until they are occasionally needed.

“Digital Age” is the era our nation is living in, and weirdly we still consume mass amounts of mashed up tree pulp that usually gets tossed in the trash or in the recycling bin. Try to use your computer for filing instead of using squeaky old wood filing cabinets. Review documents on computers instead of printing them out and wasting trees. Send emails to your colleagues instead of mailing paper letters to them. Greenprint is a brand new software used to eliminate blank pages from documents before printing and also converts to PDF for paperless document sharing.

Americans spend an average of 47 hours per year commuting through gridlock traffic. Added up it all totals 3.7 billion hours and 23 billion gallons of gas wasted. Carpooling, biking, walking, or public transportation can put less of a strain on our environment. If non of that appeals to you consider getting a hybrid, motorcycle, or an electrically motorized vehicle.

Walking into a thrift store you would be surprised by the amount of decent business clothes you can find there. Buying new? Look for clothes made with organic or recycled materials. Avoid by all cost going to the dry cleaners, but if it calls for being dry cleaned look for your local “green” dry cleaner.

Instant messaging and video chat rooms are a grand way to be able to work at home. Working from home saves the long commute for you and also doesn’t affect anymore of the ozone layer. Not only are you helping the ozone, you can take a ten to four hour day as apposed to a five to eight hour day. That gives twenty percent more of a you time session to just sit back and relax for awhile.

Lunch time would go over so much better if you use reusable containers and lunch boxes instead of brown bags and Styrofoam. Delivering take out from your local restaurant usually ends up in a huge pile of garbage. When forced to bring in take out try to pull together money to get a big order as apposed to individual, makes less of a trashy mess. Try walking or biking rather than driving to lunch to conserve more energy.

Pass around these tips to all your business colleagues. When you see your boss or employee throwing away a piece of trash try to get them to toss it into the recycling bin instead. Having people bring in mugs and plastic reusable cups would help eliminate the use of paper cups. Get out there and try to help the world go green. Last but not least, help the world and make sure to have fun doing it. One step at a time we can save planet earth!

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Is our planet trying to go green? yes it it. Here are a few tips that got me motivated to turn our world lime green.(:

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