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Water Shortages

April 11, 2019
By Anonymous

The problem with water shortages it is getting bigger by the end of 50 years we will have water shortages here in the UK. The thing that is the problem is that we all use to much water for example it has been found that people have spent more than an hour in the shower. By the end of 50 years, we will only be able to have 4-minute showers. For example, people in Cape Town South Africa have had to have severe water rationing because have had a three-year drought. Like many places in the world, “Cape Town has ‘peak water’ that means there is a limit of how much water can be reasonably taken from the area. More than 1.2 billion people in the world have water shortages,” says water scientist Peter Gleick president of the pacific institute. He also said, “What happened in South Africa could happen anywhere”

 The thing is that we need to be more careful and preserve it we do not just need to waste it by having a bath we could have a short shower instead. In addition, Brazils Sao Paulo faced water shortages as well in 2015. The city turned off its water supply for 12 hours a day leaving most industrial and commercial buildings to shut down. In 2008, Spain had to impart water tankers from France. Droughts had become more frequent, more severe and affecting more people around the world.

Also 14 on the world’s leading cities will suffer from severe water shortages by 2050 leading researchers have predicted that more than 1 billion people worldwide will experience water shortages. The millennium development goal within the United Nations millennium declaration state that by 2015 the would have halved the ‘proportion of people who are unable to access or afford clean drinking water. ‘That was in 2015 and the UN still haven’t done what they said, today about 780 million people don’t have access to clean water. Since 1981.

this has changed though because water aid has given 25 million people clean water and given 24 million people with sanitation. More organizations like this can help get rid of water shortages all together.

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