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Miracle League

May 10, 2018
By mfs1123 BRONZE, St. Rose, Louisiana
mfs1123 BRONZE, St. Rose, Louisiana
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The Miracle League is group of people who come together to play different sport and achieve an ultimate goal; however, the Miracle League is more than just a group of sports team. It is an alliance of children with disabilities to be able to express themselves in a safe environment. “We cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt children with disabilities. What we can do is provide them with an opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our National pastime–baseball.” is the motto that this special league is known for, and they use this motto to show that even though the children are born with disabilities does not mean that they do not have the freedom and right to play a sport that they are passionate about. The children involved in this organization inspired me and changed my life for the better.

The beginning of the week is when I was told the amazing news about going to help the handicapped children play baseball. My team and I had just finished an exhausting practice after a long school day when were announced with the glorious news of helping out at the Miracle League. I remember that even though I was tired and drained from that lengthy practice, I was still filling with excitement that I would be able to assist these wonderful teens in getting a chance to have fun playing a sport they love. A week had gone by, and it was almost time for the event that my team and I had been waiting for. After our practice that seem very lengthy because I was so eager to go to the park, we all drove to the field. I recall driving with my best friend, my windows down, wind blowing through our hair, and the radio blaring music all the way to the park. When we arrived, we could feel the energy radiating throughout the park. The look on the teenagers face when approached the field was indescribable. They were fill and overcome with happiness and joy that on a beautiful sunny day they could come out and be themselves.  The first thing that we decided to do as a team was pair up with one person and be buddies with them. My friend and I saw a short girl with long black hair stand off to the side of the fence. I would tell right away that she was very shy; therefore, we decided to go talk to her so that she can warm up to us. It was hard at first to find out her name since she did not talk very much, but as soon as she warmed up to use we could not get her to stop talking. Her attitude towards life inspired me to live life to the fullest. I realized in that specific moment that I take life for granted and do not thank God for the wonderful life he had given me. After we had gotten the girl out of her shell, I went to look for another partner. I finally this girl named Rebecca, and she was silent and kept to herself. When I approached her it was her time  to go and bat. She was thrilled that she could get the chance to hit the ball. Rebecca having so much excitement to just hit a simple ball stuck me because everyday I go play softball do not realize that it is wonderful thing for me to hit a softball and play the game. I saw that running the bases with Rebecca after her hit and laughing with her that I could make a difference in their lived. I saw the impact that I made on Rebecca when she introduced me to her father. The way that she smiled proudly at her father when introducing me sparked something in me. It was a feeling inside of me which made me almost cry. The relationship that I had created with Rebecca in that short period of time together was truly amazing. Rebecca is definitely a person who inspired me to become a version of myself because of the connection I made with her and the wonderful time I had spending with her to make her day better.

In conclusion, the Miracle League today has a special place in my heart because it is not just a league it is something more. The Miracle League ultimate goal is to not win, but to come together in a safe place and allow children with disabilities to have a place to express themselves.  My experience with the first girl and Rebecca inspired me to become a better person. I never forgot that spring day because it was the most inspirational day that I had all year. To know that I had such a huge impact on both of the girls life and could help them express themselves through the game of baseball. The feeling that I experience when helping the teenagers encouraged me to sign up to help the Miracle League. This organization meets every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and after a long week of a horrible school days, I look forward to going to spend time with the children that participate in this wonderful league.

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This piece is about 2 people who inspired me to be a better version of myself 

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