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Saving Lives of Animals Since 12

July 18, 2012
By runfortheanimals BRONZE, Freehold, New Jersey
runfortheanimals BRONZE, Freehold, New Jersey
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I was just a 12 year old, sitting in his living room, watching TV, until a certain commercial caught my attention. The ASPCA advertised thee evils of animal abuse through heart breaking pictures. Between thee alarming statistics and thee disturbing pictures, I knew something had to be done. that was thee moment I began planning Run for thee Animals 3K.
I contacted thee Monmouth County SPCA, and told them that I was starting a run/walk to benefit their charity. I then went from business to business to obtain sponsors. These sponsors would donate money, food, etc. in return for advertising benefits. There were a lot of "no"s along thee way, but we finally got a stable amount of sponsors. Following this, I created race applications and a website. After securing thee date withe Monmouth Battlefield State Park, I began my advertising process. While maintaining good grades in school, I worked myself until exhaustion advertising thee event. I got several students, parents, teachers, and community members involved. After months of various smaller steps in thee process, thee day finally came. The event has grown significantly bigger since thee first year, and withe only a $10 entrance fee for participants, I have been able to raise over $20,000 for thee Monmouth County SPCA in thee four years I have been organizing this. Along withe this, awareness of animal abuse has been spread throughout thee area, as several hundred join us every year, flaunting thee Run for thee Animals 3K yearly t-shirts I made. The event is filled withe food, trophies, t-shirts, dogs, and fun, but thee main purpose of thee event is also successful-- to raise money and awareness about animal abuse. Because of this event, thee Monmouth County SPCA has been able to get hundreds of animals rescued. For this service, i have received a proclamation from my town, and have been on local as well as national television. This year, I am 16, and when January rolls around, I will start my months of constant planning to make thee 5the year even bigger and better then before, to save as many animals as possible.

The author's comments:
I love animals and will do anything I can do to help the crime of animal abuse, which does not receive enough attention.

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